1. #thesebitches finally together in person! #instagay #gayswithbeards #scruff #castro #irl #igers #gaygeeks (at Osaka Sushi)


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  3. #devs (at Moscone Center)


  4. The former Macy’s Fortress in the Financial District, soon to be known as The Bloc, is going to do wonders for the block. So far the future shopping center has locked down… via Curbed LA



  6. It’s taken a little more than two years, but Burbank’s city council voted this week to approve a Whole Foods and an accompanying 241-unit, four-story apartment complex known as Talaria at Burbank for the city’s Media District. The much-contested… via Curbed LA


  7. The days of the humble little Jack in the Box restaurant across from Amoeba Records on Sunset are probably numbered, and it’s kind of amazing it took so long—the property’s already surrounded on all sides by fancy cafes and… via Curbed LA


  8. fitbit-v-apple A few weeks ago, Fitbit publicly admitted that it had no plans to follow the growing crowd of fitness trackers and apps that are rushing to integrate with Apple’s HealthKit and Health app. In response, it seems, Apple has pulled Fitbit devices from its retail stores. And now we know why — because Fitbit is building a device that will compete directly with the upcoming Apple Watch. Read More

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  9. Replace “Advertising” with “Branding” and it still works. Jerry Seinfeld accepts an honorary Clio award for his work in advertising then proceeds to mock the industry…. via Brand New


  10. Just some #swag from the #html5devconf #yelp #leapmotion #thingsorganizedneatly #gaynerd #webprogrammer (at Moscone Center)


  11. I made friends in the cheesecake factory union square elevator.


  12. Insider Secrets to Saving More at Your Favorite Stores

    Employees (former and current) and your fellow shoppers are often the best sources of little-known “secrets” to getting deals at the store. We’re building a list of these insider tips.

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  13. Before heading out for a night on the town, guys might want to make sure they have their dance moves down. A recent study showed women rated these particular dance moves higher than others.

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  14. ​"Apologizing Does Not Always Mean That You Are Wrong"

    Apologizing doesn’t have to be admittance of guilt, or regret. If you’ve done something that hurt someone you care about, you can apologize just to let them know you care.

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  15. Here’s the lowdown on how to get fantastic looking Backdrop images onto your TV

    Google first announced Backdrop for Chromecast back at Google I/O, but has now finally flipped the switch and let us customize what images we see displayed by our Chromecast when it’s in idle mode.

    There are a few things that you need to know going into Backdrop and a few little tips and tricks to help you get the best out of the experience. Read on for the lowdown.

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