1. Top 10 Ways to Find Your Career Path

    If you’re not sure which direction your career should go in, you’re thinking about making a career change, or you just want to feel more fulfilled in your career, these ten tips might help.

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  2. In light of LG’s pre-IFA announcement of the circular G Watch R, Best Buy is now offering a $50 sale on both the white and black editions of the original G Watch. With the savings, either model will cost customers $179, which could help spur sales of the square form factor Android Wear wristwatch as consumer interest seems to be skewing towards a more classical circular watch shape.

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  3. The smartwatch or smartband is apparently old hat to a company called MOTA, which announced today an upcoming product called the MOTA SmartRing, which it says will provide mobile app notifications on a device that can fit on a finger.

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  4. Al’s Beef, the highly rated Italian beef outlet based in Chicago, has landed in an even more convenient location for homesick Midwesterners, this time in Alhambra. Opened August 2, the legendary jus-drenched sandwich is located right on 410 W. Main… via Eater LA


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  6. Google Wants Howard Hughes' Gigantic Old Hangar

    Building 15, a gargantuan aerospace structure outside LAX airport, was once used to construct the Spruce Goose. Soon, it might be home to another focal point of hubris, the Wall Street Journal reports.

    Just look at that thing! It’s hard to even scroll down the photo. The Journal says Google is itching for another 300,000 square feet of desk and bean bag chair space, despite the fact that this building is a hangar. This is not an edifice that’s really conducive to working inside of, unless that work is the construction of the Spruce Goose:

    It hasn’t been easy, in part because of its design. It is rather atypical—to say the least—for office space. The hangar has two bays that are 750-feet long—more than twice the length of a football field—and its ceiling is more than seven stories high.

    I guess one historic Californian hangar just isn’t enough for these guys.

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  8. When Keuring Green Mountain announced that it would cut out third-party pods for the next-generation of its popular single-serve machines, other coffee outfits were up in arms. One particular company, TreeHouse Foods, claimed that it would take a… via Engadget RSS Feed


  9. Microsoft’s 15-year-old MSN Messaging service will soon be a part of computer lore. It has been shut down in most places for over a year, but Microsoft kept it running in China where it was still quite popular. However, with the advent of Tencent’s… via Engadget RSS Feed


  10. Despite all the changes going on in automobiles lately, one thing that’s remained pretty consistent in every car I’ve driven has been the rearview mirror. We can check that one off now though, now that I’ve taken a test drive in a Nissan Rogue… via Engadget RSS Feed


  11. Amazon is loading up a new pilot season of original TV shows, and while Netflix’s content juggernaut was shut out at the Emmys, at least it was nominated. So what can Hulu do? In addition to its own list of original shows, exclusively licensed… via Engadget RSS Feed


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  13. Late on a Friday before a holiday weekend is the worst time to fact-check anything, so we’re in the position of praying this is true. A report says that Fox and Amazon have made a deal for Amazon to do a new live-action series based on Ben Edlund‘s The Tick. The show revolved around a […]

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