1. #tbt ninjas at the b’hai garden gates in Haifa, Israel when I went on the #taglit #birthright trip way back in 2004.


  2. My first #frontback #instagay #shoes


  3. With its curvy, tree-lined streets, there’s not much to separate Woodland Hills from the other suburban San Fernando Valley neighborhoods that line the Santa Monica Mountains. But the thousands of trees that gave the community its name shade a… via Curbed LA


  4. In Mayor Garcetti’s State of the City speech last week, he mentioned that the never-ending work on the 405’s northbound carpool lane—the project that brought the world Carmageddon, the Rampture, and Jamzilla—will finally end in May, not October as… via Curbed LA


  5. Connecting the #interwebs #ifttt


  6. Love this site #ifttt


  7. Finally white #beyonce is gone! Pepsi still paying loads of dough though for this #billboard at #hollywoodandhighland #Hollywood no one will watch that Hulu original show no matter how much they market it (at Hollywood & Highland Center)


  8. A popular photography app called Frontback just found its way from iOS to Android today. Though it’s fundamentally another photo-sharing app, it’s got the resonably fun gimmick of shooting from both the front and back camera at the same time. Both images are posted, one on top of the other, leading to some interesting pairings.

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  9. Google’s official camera app has received an update today with a few new things. We’ve got a new background blur effect that has become all the rage with SLR wannabes like the HTC One M8 and a new UI with extra-big capture button. It’s also worth noting that the aspect ratio of the shot is properly reflected in the preview now, a longtime issue with the old stock Camera app. And the much maligned radial menu for controlling shooting modes has been dumped too, replaced with an overflow menu near the shutter key, which gives access to guidelines, HDR, flash and the front camera.

    The new version has a lot in common with recent leaks purporting to show future Gmail and Calendar apps. It’ll be great to see what else gets updated in the near future, as Google appears to be exploring a new visual direction for its Android apps.

    The update is available for phones and tablets on Android 4.4 and up, so you don’t need a Nexus or GPe device to take it for a spin. Download it now and let us know what you think.

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  10. Even though it’s not for another month, Google is holding a Mother’s Day sale on the Google Play Store, offering major discounts on certain books, as well as magazine subscriptions.

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  11. Another Louise’s Trattoria bites the dust. The Santa Monica branch, located just across the street from the Brentwood Country Mart, is flipping into a new barbecue restaurant called Holy Cow. The tagline is “hang out or take out” and… via Eater LA


  12. #Lunch country #waiting #waitingandhungry #hungry I want my 2 Taj Mahal tacos (at Mondo Taco)


  13. #passover cooking #charoset #kugel #noraisins


  14. Just signed up for Google I/O 2014. Here’s hoping I get in


  15. There’s no way to set it as the default, but if you just have to see the Most Recent posts first, you have an option.

    It seems as though Facebook’s interface is ever-changing, but the latest UI overhaul hitting devices is pretty dramatic. It’s mostly for the best, bringing a cleaner look and surfacing more features rather than hiding them behind obscure menus. A few things have become harder to find, however — one of which is the “Most Recent” News Feed view.

    The newly-redesigned Facebook app now only shows the “Top Stories” view for your News Feed, which surfaces content that it thinks is most relevant to you, rather than what’s been posted or interacted with most recently. In the old app you could simply change the setting from the default to show Most Recent in the main view, but now you’ll have to do a little digging.

    To view the Most Recent feed, tap or swipe over to the far right tab (three horizontal lines, titled “More”) of the Facebook app, and scroll down to the “Feeds” section, right under “Apps.” Here, you’ll see any different feeds you’ve created with friend or family groups, but you’ll also see “Most Recent” as an option. Tap that entry and you’ll be shown a completely interactive view of your News Feed based on time rather than some other algorithm. You can go back to the settings page by hitting the back button or tapping the “News Feed” button in the top left corner of the app.

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