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  5. Los Angeles is a city divided up unequally among the rich and the not-rich, just like every other city, but the pattern of those divisions is the reverse of the pattern in… via Curbed LA


  6. Facebook’s head of product Chris Cox apologized on Wednesday to “the affected community of drag queens, drag kings, transgender, and extensive community of our friends, neighbors, and members of the LGBT community” for the “hardship” caused by the company’s “real… via Towleroad News #gay


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  8. Lyft Just Slashed Driver Pay Again, And Everyone's Pissed

    Lyft just gutted their premium Lyft Plus service, leaving drivers with $34,000 luxury SUVs. Now the on-demand ride company is screwing their drivers again, slashing rates by ten percent in Los Angeles.

    Lyft announced the cuts in an email to all drivers, reminding them “the more you make, the more Lyft makes, so your earnings are our top priority.” But one Lyft driver explains to Valleywag that drivers aren’t buying it:

    Please bear in mind, drivers in LA were barely making more than minimum wage prior to today’s 10% price decrease. Drivers are pissed off. There will still be people desperate enough for money that will be driving, of course. Until their tires blow and they can’t afford to replace them. Or until tax time.

    Lyft is [engaged in a] price war with Uber. And they’re conducting this war on the backs of their drivers (and cars). New prices should be reflected on Lyft’s site today.

    Fist bumps!

    Our tipster isn’t the only one fed up. When Lyft’s Community Manager, Stacey Speer, brought up the cuts in Lyft’s “SoCal Driver Facebook Lounge,” drivers were quick to call out the bullshit. Many quit there and then:

    Lyft Just Slashed Driver Pay Again, And Everyone's Pissed

    Lyft Just Slashed Driver Pay Again, And Everyone's Pissed

    Lyft Just Slashed Driver Pay Again, And Everyone's Pissed

    And so on.

    Lyft tries to sell the pay cuts with the claim that cheaper rates will mean more riders, thus increasing revenue. But the cheaper rates/more revenue myth will never become true, no matter how many times “ride-sharing” startups repeat it.

    Jacobin investigated Uber’s price cuts, reporting that they “couldn’t find a single driver who is making more money with the lower rates.”

    Uber drivers have no say in the pricing, yet they must carry their own insurance and foot the bill for gas and repairs — a cost of 56¢ per mile, according to IRS estimates. With Uber’s new pricing model, drivers are forced to work under razor-thin margins. Arman, for instance, made about $20 an hour just a year ago. And now? Some days he doesn’t even break minimum wage.

    His experience is quite common among LA Uber drivers I spoke to. For many, driving for Uber has become a nightmare. Arman often works up to seventeen hours a day to bring home what he used to make in an eight-hour shift. When he emailed Uber to complain about his plummeting pay, he said the company blew him off. Uber’s attitude is that drivers are free to stop working if they are dissatisfied, but for drivers like Arman who’ve invested serious money in their cars, quitting isn’t an option.

    Not that Uber’s or Lyft’s riders will ever hear this. Drivers told Jacobin that they always tell their passengers how much they love the opportunity, fearing that they’ll get low ratings from riders—and then fired by Uber—if they tell the truth.

    And UberX just announced that they’re making their 25 percent price cut experiment in New York City permanent. Expect the truth to get a lot uglier.

    To contact the author of this post, please email kevin@valleywag.com.

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  9. Apple's New Health Tracking App Forgets That Periods Exist

    In recent months, Apple has given iTunes users a U2 album and health nuts a revamped HealthKit app that tracks just about everything about a person’s health except menstruation. Apple loves Bono and refuses to acknowledge periods. Apple is literally your dad.

    The Verge’s Arielle Duhaime-Ross thinks that this oversight or omission might be due to the fact that the people behind Apple are overwhelmingly white and male and likely don’t spend a quarter of their sexual maturity bleeding from the same place they have sex in. But that’s kind of a shitty excuse, since they allegedly conferred with doctors in putting the app together. She writes,

    Apple undoubtedly spoke to a number of physicians when it created its app — the company has boasted of its partnership with the Mayo Clinic, for instance — and it still failed to include what is arguably one of the most basic metrics of human existence.

    As it stands, women have other options for tracking their periods with their smartphones. I use one called Period Tracker, which my boyfriend’s 10-year-old nephew once attempted to “play” when he seized my smartphone from the kitchen counter last Thanksgiving. “This is a boring game,” he said, before telling Period Tracker that I’d been experiencing saltiness cravings and a heavy flow.

    Another app, called Clue, allows women to track their fertility cycles and has developed an update that will integrate partially with HealthKit, but it only works with a couple of metrics.

    Apple ignoring menstruation won’t make it go away. If it did, we’d have eliminated periods long ago.

    Image via Apple

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  10. Uber Used Private Location Data for Party Amusement

    The reasons to dislike Uber are as large and numerous as its paper valuation, but they all revolve around one central free market conceit: Uber never hides its contempt for you. The latest example comes from venture capitalist Peter Sims, whose ride was tracked to entertain guests at an Uber party.

    Sims, an author and former venture capitalist, shared this kinda-disturbing anecdote in a recent Medium post about how Uber has generally lost his trust:

    One night, a couple of years ago, I was in an Uber SUV in NYC, headed to Penn Station to catch the train to Washington DC when I got a text message from a tech socialite of sorts (I’ll spare her name because Gawker has already parodied her enough), but she’s someone I hardly know, asking me if I was in an Uber car at 33th and 5th (or, something like that). I replied that I was indeed, thinking that she must be in an adjacent car. Looking around, she continued to text with updates of my car’s whereabouts, so much so that I asked the driver if others could see my Uber location profile? “No,” he replied, “that’s not possible.”

    At that point, it all just started to feel weird, until finally she revealed that she was in Chicago at the launch of Uber Chicago, and that the party featured a screen that showed where in NYC certain “known people” (whatever that means) were currently riding in Uber cabs. After learning this, I expressed my outrage to her that the company would use my information and identity to promote its services without my permission. She told me to calm down, and that it was all a “cool” event and as if I should be honored to have been one of the chosen.

    This story has it all: Julia Allison, creepy surveillance, and absolute indifference toward the feelings of the customer. I asked Uber for a comment on the Sims story—Who has access to your riding coordinates? Does Uber regularly entertain partygoers with your GPS data?—but have not received a reply and am not expecting one.

    Photo: Getty

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  11. Divina. Photo by Antonio La Grotta via Slate Once a thriving part of Italy’s club scene, the expansive discotheques built on the outskirts of Italian cities in the 1980s were largely abandoned by the late 90s for less groovy nightlife… via Curbed National


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  13. Los Angeles’s skyline (previously ranked slightly below Minneapolis’s) is about to get just a little bit more exciting. City officials announced today that new high-rises will no longer be required to have helipads on their roofs, the 1970s-era code… via Curbed LA


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