1. No matter the amount, Google Wallet has you covered for person-to-person money transfers

    Google Wallet does plenty of things, including letting you make mobile payments at some of your favorite stores and hold all of your loyalty cards, but one of its huge values is as a person-to-person money transfer service.

    It’s one of the lesser-known features of Google Wallet, but it actually works really well for transferring money — from small to very large amounts — to a friend or family member with nothing more than the Google Wallet app and an email address. Whether you’re asking a friend to send you a few bucks for that time you picked up the tab at a restaurant, or you need to send a few hundred dollars to your brother to buy some concert tickets, Google Wallet has you covered.

    Read along and see how quick and easy it can be to manage money transfers in the Google Wallet app.

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  2. The Hollywood Sign sits atop Mount Lee, a peak so strangely flat its apex comfortably props up a communications facility. Its shape is no accident, Nathan Masters explains, but the dream of pioneering early filmmaker Mack Sennett and his attempt… via Curbed LA


  3. Anyone watch UNDER THE DOME? Just got addicted


  4. Kind of sad watching Robinson’s marble panels falling down on my morning drive http://ift.tt/1mB1Or0 Pat Saperstein (@EatingLA) July 21, 2014 The razing of the formerly glamorous Robinsons-May building in Beverly Hills has loomed on the horizon since early spring (and… via Curbed LA


  5. treehouse Hey, remember that interactive video for Bob Dylan’s “Like A Rolling Stone” that came out last fall? You know, the one that allowed you to switch between 16 faux TV channels on the fly, each of them lip syncing to what is arguably the greatest song of all-time? Well, Interlude, the startup that created the technology behind the Dylan video, is now making these capabilities… Read More

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  6. Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 10.07.33 PM There are almost as many singles in the U.S. as there are singles who’ve tried online dating. But all those winks, pokes, nudges and swipes are a waste of your precious time in looking for love, according to new dating site Project Fixup. This new “digital matchmaker” site aims to use online dating technology to hook people up with their potential mates, but use real… Read More

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  7. Launched earlier this month, FYI is the newest A+E Networks channel that “covers a range of stories and experiences that reflect how people actually live their lives today” and “embraces an adventurous, personalized and non-prescriptive approach to peoples’ taste, space, look, story and more.” What… via Brand New


  8. There’s nothing like a claims report to get your morning going.


  9. Looking for a recommendation

    Does anyone out there have a charging “valet” or station for their multiple devices?


  10. Movie theme songs playlist. Good movie memories.


  11. Why did companies get so aggressive with the face to face surveys and asking why you gave them that rating?



  13. The Venice canals: historic, picturesque, slightly shark-inhabited. They’re one of Los Angeles’s most unique features, and they’ve been through a lot in the 100-plus years they’ve been around. For this, our last day of Outdoors Week, we’ve distilled the… via Curbed LA


  14. Time to look for a new car I guess. Definitely not going silver again. Too stealthy I guess


  15. First degree airbag burns. Great day.